Greenhouse Design

The concept behind this custom greenhouse is to maximize available light for plants while expressing an intriguing aesthetic. The south-facing wall slants upward to capture as much of the suns life-giving rays as possible. The movable panels slide up and down and also flip out at the bottom for adjustable ventilation. The east and west walls also allow for sunlight to penetrate the top two thirds, capturing early morning and late afternoon rays. The roof is translucent to allow optimum light especially during the summer months when the sun is high. This greenhouse was designed for a specific location, however, it is completely mobile being self-contained and merely resting on a concrete or gravel pad. The square footage is also variable by adding or subtracting as many bays as necessary; there are three bays shown here. Additionally, the greenhouse was designed with Green building practices in mind. All the materials are off the shelf of a local hardware store and most require little to no trimming, so as to not to create excessive waste.