North Hills Residence

The North Hills Residence was designed for a beautiful lot overlooking the Salt Lake Valley. Spectacular views of the mountains and valley guided the design process while other environmental factors like sun angles were also evaluated. The result is a home design with many comfortable, livable spaces both inside the home and throughout the landscape; all …


Entry Fountain

A local esthetics school recently commissioned a fountain to complement their entry. Both students and patrons are now greeted by the soothing sounds of falling water. A palette of concrete and steel compliment the modern style of the company’s branding. Three small basins pour into the main pool from varying heights and volumes. The water …


Greenhouse Design

The concept behind this custom greenhouse is to maximize available light for plants while expressing an intriguing aesthetic. The south-facing wall slants upward to capture as much of the suns life-giving rays as possible. The movable panels slide up and down and also flip out at the bottom for adjustable ventilation. The east and west …


Midway Addition

The client wanted to add an addition to their summer home built in Midway. The historic nature of the home (built sometime before the turn of the 20th Century) and Midway township, required a design that meshed well with the existing home and neighborhood. This one bedroom no bath no kitchen home was transformed into …


Brick Patio and Fire Pit

This project re-used brick from the dilapidated and broken existing patio on site. This design solution not only proved to be sustainable and very economical, but highly aesthetic as well. Where once was cracked and overgrown unused space, now is an inviting warm spot to enjoy the evening with friends. Completed with Kingbird Design.


Barbecue and Smoker

Kingbird designed and built this brick cooking center for a family who loves cooking outside their rustic cabin in Big Cottonwood Canyon. It features a large, adjustable charcoal grilling area at a comfortable height. However, the main feature is the enclosed smoking chamber, with adjustable racks and fire box to accommodate perfect smoking conditions. With …


Outdoor Living-room

An outdoor living-room was created with a new deck and pergola next to the front door of our clients home. The new space in conjunction with the newly designed yard has created a much more livable space and completely transformed the front of the home, greatly increasing the curb appeal. Completed with Kingbird Design.


Entry Pergola

How do you visually define a hidden entrance? The client continually had problems with people not being able to find their front door, as it was not a front door, but a side door, and fairly well hidden from the street. Our solution was to create a pergola and screen that not only created a …

Christiensen Counter3

Concrete Tops II

These 2 1/2 inch concrete countertops replaced laminate tops that hadn’t been updated since around 1950. This historic home was begging for some contemporary counters that not only meshed with the existing space but added a sense of unique permanence. The historic lines of the existing cabinets were mirrored in the control joints of the …


Livsey Residence

The clients had a growing family and as such needed to expand their living space. The current 2 bedroom 2 bath home was expanded into a 4 bedroom 2 1/2 bath home with a large master suite, guest suite, office, great room and even a secrete passage! The overall design was very light and airy, …